Sunday, 11 March 2012

Qistina Enara .

Hye and Assalamualaikum .
I want to introduced to you someone .
It is Qistina Enara .
She really cute and humble .
But why I wrote a entry for her ?
I wrote a entry for her because she is a truly #Enchancer .
She really loves Greyson Chance .
No one can't stop her from loving Greyson Chance .
She also love Tom Andrews .
She really lucky because she meet Greyson Chance 3 time .
And she makes me love Greyson Chance .

Just follow her twitter and blog to know about her .

Now let the pictures tell the story . Enjoy .
p/s : Tina , I'm sorry if I take your pictures without your permission .

She haves many of GC things . 

She also addicted to GC wristband .

She too cute . 

Terima Sebab Sudi Bace Entry Dini Ni..Lepas Baca Komenlah.. (:

2 Budak Comel:

aliya atina said...

Amboiiiiii jeles nih :P

Nur Ardini said...

Jangan jeles sgt tau .

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